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 A merry Savage Xmas tournament

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PostSubject: A merry Savage Xmas tournament   Sat Nov 14, 2009 10:58 pm

I'm thinking of running an tournament on a sunday in december, open to everyone who wants to join. There will be several events and will make use of the duel_arena maps and squad_arena maps, as well as others.

Events to be included:

The general melee (everyone starts, 1 person wins, no ranging allowed)
The showdown at noon (use rps mod for nastier guns, general shoot out)
Squad tournament (4 players, 1 of each unit)

Post any other ideas here, i'll put it up on the S2 forum when I decide a date! Smile (probably the 12th december)

(oh by the way i've posted some human base build pics in the pictures section too Razz )
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A merry Savage Xmas tournament
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